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Night Activity at the S.P.U.D. Puzzle
Night Activity at the S.P.U.D. Puzzle Art by Larry Fisher. The Great Northern Locomotive along with ..
No. 90's Daily Run Puzzle
No. 90’s Daily Run Puzzle  It is a lovely spring morning with the trees and colorful flowers bu..
Passenger Train Whistle
8" wooden whistle with a passenger train sound! You heard it from your bed at night, at the sta..
Pennsy Lineup Puzzle
Pennsy Lineup Puzzle Art by Larry Fisher. The handsome distinctive GG1s are lined up at JFK Stadium-..
Plush Beaver Engineer
Plush Beaver Engineer Here is the cuddliest buck-toothed engineer around! Everyo..
Plush Black Bear Engineer
Plush Black Bear Engineer Meet a cuddly bashful black bear engineer! Made of polyester, this&nb..
Plush Engineer Bear
Plush Engineer Bear This handsome fellow measures 11” tall and comes sporting his own spiffy enginee..
Plush Hedgehog Engineer
Plush Hedgehog Engineer Here is the cuddliest engineer around! Everyone will wan..
Plush Panda Engineer
Plush Panda Engineer Here is the cuddliest engineer around! Everyone will want o..
Plush Purple Hippo Engineer
Plush Purple Hippo Engineer This cuddly, plush, polite, purple hippo dressed as an engineer will del..
Plush Racoon Engineer
Plush Racoon Engineer Here is the cuddliest engineer around! Everyone will want ..
Power Swap at Sky Puzzle
Puzzle by Larry Fisher. This 550 piece puzzle shows the small railroad town of Skykomish, Washington..
Railroad Logo Playing Cards
This standard 52 card deck is sure to bring hours of fun when playing your favorite card games. Come..
Redwood Sidewinder Puzzle
Redwood Sidewinder Puzzle  Art by Marc Desobeau. Take a ride on the Roaring Camp and Big Trees ..
Rockland Express Puzzle
 Rockland Express Puzzle Art by Sung Kim. This delightful warm scene of a Rockland Express 4-4-..
Rusty Dog Engineer
Rusty Dog Engineer Welcome Rusty, this cute, huggable cuddly engineer into your home. Made out of 10..
San Francisco, Cable Car Heaven Puzzle
San Francisco-Cable Car Heaven Puzzle Artist Eugene Lushpin has captured and brought 2 cable cars ru..
Santa Cruz puzzle
Santa Cruz Puzzle Art by John Winfield. Santa Cruz is a busy town with the cars lining the street, p..
Set of Three Train Whistles
Set of three train whistles with the freight, passenger and switcher train sounds. You heard it..
Showtime at the Mole Puzzle
Showtime at the Mole Puzzle Artwork by Larry Fisher. There’s a whole lot of action going on in this ..
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