Big Boy 4014 West DVD

Big Boy 4014 West DVD

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4014 is the largest operational steam locomotive in the World. The now famous Big Boy class of 4-8-8-4's were world renowned and in fact folks came from around the world...
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4014 is the largest operational steam locomotive in the World. The now famous Big Boy class of 4-8-8-4's were world renowned and in fact folks came from around the world to see this one operating for the first time in nearly 60 years.

We begin with the first run of 4014, on a break-in run from Cheyenne in the last rays of sunlight, as it heads south on the line toward Denver. We also have night scenes in Nunn, Colorado where the trial run would end. These scenes include arrival, inspection of the engine, passing freights, and servicing with grease guns and so forth. This was May 2, 2019.

On May 4th the epic trip to Ogden began in Cheyenne, with the goal being Ogden, Utah to help commemorate the 150th anniversary of the joining of the first Transcontinental Railroad on May 10, 1869. The trip took several days in 2019, as several stops were included for servicing the engine, and for viewing the engine at some locations. The first day ran from Cheyenne to Rawlins. On May 5th they ran from Rawlins to Rock Springs, and on May 6th from Rock Springs to Evanston. This day was particularly interesting as the train left well before dawn. Our video shows it arriving and departing Green River around 5:30 in the morning, and another camera picked it up arriving and departing Granger in great low light.

There was an off day on May 7th, but on May 8th the train operated from Evanston, Wyoming to Ogden, Utah. This segment starts with snow flurries out of Evanston, and eventually improves. Scenes include Echo Canyon, Henefer, Near Morgan, Peterson, Uintah, Devil's Slide, and nearing Ogden.

On May 9th one of our camera crew captured the special ceremony in Ogden. This was an all Union Pacific event hosted by CEO Lance Fritz, and included 844 and 4014 facing each other and a bit of this ceremony is included with an enthusiastic crowded participating.

On May 10th, we have some coverage of the activities at Promontory, Utah where the original golden spike ceremony took place. We see some of the rehearsal, and parts of the show including the Central Pacific Jupiter, and the Union Pacific number 119. These replica engines are seen as they point toward each other on a regular basis during the summer months, but this was a special 150th Anniversary. In our preliminary footage we even see the Jupiter moving into position.

So 4014 had made it to Utah in time for the 150th anniversary festivities. But, our coverage doesn't end there, quite yet. One of our cameramen stuck around, and even shot the first day of the return trip to Evanston on May 12th. This would be the very first excursion as a fundraiser trip was sold to the public and more coaches were added. This was significant because it would be the first time for 4014 climbing the Wasatch mountains, which is the area the Big Boys were built for back in the 1940's. We see some nice views of this train culminating in a great reflection scene arriving in Evanston.

This show has something for everyone, and will be a great momento of this historic event. It's really hard to believe the Union Pacific actually restored a "Big Boy" to operate once more, for hundreds of thousands of people to enjoy.

84 Minutes.